Metamodernism: Historicity, affect and depth after postmodernism.
Edited by Robin van den Akker, Alison Gibbons and Timotheus Vermeulen
Rowman & Littlefield Int. 2017.

Metamodernism: Historicity, Affect, Depth brings together many of the most influential voices in the scholarly and critical debate about post-postmodernism and twenty-first century aesthetics, arts and culture. By relating cutting-edge analyses of contemporary literature, the visual arts and film and television to recent social, technological and economic developments, the volume provides both a map and an itinerary of today’s metamodern cultural landscape. As its organising principle, the book takes Fredric Jameson’s canonical arguments about the waning of historicity, affect and depth in the postmodern culture of western capitalist societies in the twentieth century, and re-evaluates and reconceptualises these notions in a twenty-first century context. In doing so, it shows that the contemporary moment should be regarded as a transitional period from the postmodern and into the metamodern cultural moment.


"If you’re in the market for a slick, shiny new aesthetic of the post-post or the meta-, you won’t find it here – but you won’t find it anywhere else, either, because it doesn’t exist. If, however, you genuinely want to understand the “sticky mess” (in Jörg Heiser’s phrase) that the new cultural practices are in the very process of emerging from, then you owe it to yourself to give this volume your fullest attention."
---Brian McHale


Anmerkungen zur Metamoderne
Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van Den Akker
Translated by Elias Wagner
TEXTEM Verlag 2015

Während sich viele Kommentatoren darüber einig sind, dass wir die Koordinaten der Postmoderne verlassen haben, herrscht wenig Einigkeit darüber, mit welchem Modell sich die Gegenwart erfassen und verändern lässt. Mit ihren Überlegungen zur Metamoderne spüren Robin van den Akker und Timotheus Vermeulen einer Haltung nach, die die ironische Distanz gegenüber Idealismus, Romantik und Realpolitik überwindet, ohne die Errungenschaften postmoderner Skepsis leichtfertig preiszugeben.


"Robin van den Akker und Timotheus Vermeulen haben sich als überzeugende Analytiker einer metamodernen Kulturlogik etabliert, die die Gegenwart im Nachgang zur Postmoderne dominiert. Dem liegt ein fundiertes philosophisches Denken zugrunde, das den Vergleich mit den hehren Köpfen jüngerer Kontinentalphilosophie nicht scheuen muss."
---Jörg Heiser


Scenes from the Suburbs: the Suburb in Contemporary US Film and Television
Timotheus Vermeulen
Edinburgh University Press 2014

Suburbia. Say the word and a stream of images pass before your eyes: white picket fence, neatly mowed lawns, winding roads nicely lined with trees, pastel-tinted bungalows, bored housewives, conspicuous consumption. We all know what the suburbs are about. Or do we?

This book looks again at the filmic and televised spaces we think we know so well. How are these spaces built up? What is it that makes us recognize them as suburbs? How do they function? By exploring in detail the hometowns of Desperate Housewives, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Happiness, Pleasantville, Brick and Chumscrubber, Scenes from the Suburbs examines what it means to be suburban today.


"Scenes from the Suburbs makes a major contribution to the study of a type of film and television programme that is frequently recognised in critical writing but often escapes critical recognition. Vermeulen’s authoritative analysis of the suburban across a range of texts invites the reader to discover new levels of debate and his writing consistently sidesteps the trap of straightforward definitions or surface generalisations. Anyone wishing to talk usefully about the suburb in film and television will need to engage with Vermeulen’s arguments.""
---James Walters


New Suburban Stories
Edited by Martin Dines and Timotheus Vermeulen
Bloomsbury 2013

Exploring fiction, film and art from across the USA, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia, New Suburban Stories brings together new research from leading international scholars to examine cultural representations of the suburbs, home to a rapidly increasing proportion of the world's population. Focussing in particular on works that challenge conventional attitudes to suburbia, the book considers how suburban communities have taken control of their own representation to tell their own stories in contemporary novels, poetry, autobiography, cinema, social media and public art.


"With its robust embrace of the notion of suburban diversity, this book richly explores a panoply of suburban stories spanning global sites and interpretative perspectives. It offers a fresh take on cultural representations of suburbia that push us to think in more open-minded ways about what the suburbs are and how their meanings have varied across time and space. This is a smart, creative addition to suburban studies scholarship."
---Becky Nicolaides


Essays in journals


‘Reality beckons: metamodernism and the credenda of depthiness’
with Alison Gibbons and Robin van den Akker
European Journal of English Studies, forthcoming 2018.



'The surfaces of film-philosophy' (editorial)
with Catherine Constable and Matt Denny
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Film-Philosophy 22:2 (2018)
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'The new brutalism' (Editorial)
with Rosi Braidotti and Brian Kuan Wood
E-Flux Journal 82 (2017)

‘The New Depthiness’ 
E-Flux Journal 61 (2015)

‘Utopia, sort of – a case study in metamodernism’
with Robin van den Akker
Studia Neophilologica (2014)
pp. 1-13.


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Edited by Danuta Fjellestad and David Watson
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with Gry Rustad
Screen 54.3 (Autumn 2013)
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with Robin van den Akker
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‘Notes on metamodernism’
with Robin van den Akker
Journal of Aesthetics and Culture Vol 2 (2010)
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Supplanting the postmodern. An anthology of writings on the arts and culture of the early 21st century
Edited by David Rudrum and Nicholas Stavris
London: Bloomsbury 2015
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No more modern
Edited by Jake Yuzna
New York: MAD Museum 2011
no pp.


'Notas sobre o metamodernismo'
transl. Milton Machado
Arte & Ensaio 34 (2017)
pp. 232-253

Anmerkungen zur Metamoderne
transl. Elias Wagner
Textem Verlag 2016

'Märkmeid metamodernismist’
transl. Jaak Tomberg
Methis Vol. 8, No: 11 (2013)
pp. 130-145.

transl. Chen Houliang
Journal for Foreign Theoretical Trends Vol. 11 (Winter 2012)
pp. 65-73




Chapters in books


‘Soft upper lip: facial expressions in FNL’
Television Performance
Edited by Lucy Fife and James Walters
Routledge, forthcoming 2018.



‘Emma Thompson in Remains of The Day'
Close-Up: Great Screen Performances Volume 2: International
Edited by Murray Pomerance and Kyle Stevens
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‘Al Pacino in Donnie Brasco’
Close-Up: Great Screen Performances Volume 1: America
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'Parafiction, autofiction, perfiction'
with Robin van den Akker
Edited by Natasha Hoare
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‘The Altergorithm’
The Posthuman Glossary
Edited by Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova
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pp. 29-32.


Frieze online (April, 2016) 

The Posthuman Glossary
Edited by Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova
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The Posthuman Glossary
Edited by Rosi Braidotti and Maria Hlavajova
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‘Periodizing the 2000s, or the emergence of metamodernism’
with Robin van den Akker
Metamodernism: Historicity, affect, depth
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‘Metamodern depth, or depthiness’
Metamodernism: Historicity, affect, depth
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The Standard Book of Noun-Verb Exhibition Grammar.
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Solution 275: Communism.
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Authenticity? Observations and artistic strategies in the post-digital age
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Features in magazines


‘Toil and Trouble’
TANK Magazine 8:7 (2016)
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'Great job, Internet!'
Frieze online (2016)

'Ironie en post-ironie'
Metropolis M vol. 2016, iss. 3 (2016)
p 93. 

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Frieze 172 (2015)
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Frieze 171 (2015)
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Frieze 167 (November-December 2014)
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with Rosi Braidotti
Frieze 165 (September 2014)
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‘Art Criticism and Metamodernism’
with Robin van den Akker
Art Pulse 19.3 (2014)
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Art of critique
Edited by Stephen Knudsen
Artium,  forthcoming 2018

‘Public Enemy: Machiavellian Scheming and Political Drama’
Frieze 163 (May 2014)
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Monika Stricker: Something else, all the same
Frieze D/E 13 (March 2014)
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American Book Review 34.4 (2013),
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Frieze 159 (November 2013)
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with Robin van den Akker
De Groene Amsterdammer (05.09.2013)
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with Galit Eilat
Frieze D/E 10 (June 2013)

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with Ian Cheng, Fatima el Qadiri et al.
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with Dan Fox, Nils Norman, Anton Vidokle and Sharon Zukin
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with Daniel van der Poel and Robin van den Akker
Metropolis M, vol. 33, iss. 4 (2012) 
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‘Theoretically Speaking’
with Simon Critchley & Nina Power
Frieze 141 (August/September 2011)
pp. 176-181

‘Metamodern Architecture’
with Robin van den Akker
MONU No 15 (2011)
pp. 70-73


Timotheus Vermeulen has long been a contributor to Frieze and regularly writes for other venues including Texte zur Kunst and Metropolis M. Among the artists whose shows he has reviewed - for Frieze and other venues - are Jill MulleadyEva LeWittSusan PhilipszSascha WeidnerÖzlem Günyol & Mustafa Kunt, Elaine SturtevantIlse D’HollanderKatie Holten, Charlotte Posenenske, Jessica Warboys, Bettina Krieg, Jenny Michel, David ThorpeAne Mette Hol, Christoph SchellbergDaiga Grantina, Christoph KnechtSimon Evans, Oyvind FahlstromDavid Douard, and Bernd Krauss. In his role as joint editor of the now defunct webzine Notes on metamodernism, he considered the oeuvres of artists including Sejla Kameric, Ragnar Kjartansson, Annabel Daou, Paula Doepfner, Guido van der Werve, David Lynch, Darren Almond, Haruki Murakami and Cyprien Gaillard.

Vermeulen is frequently invited to write exhibition and catalogue texts. Artists whose practice he has discussed in this context are Diango Hernandez, Matthias Bitzer, Grit Richter, Esther Klas, Linda Matalon, Keith Tyson, Oscar Santillan, Sebastian Freytag, Ralf Brog, Korpys and Loffler, Peter Ewig, Michael Sailstorfer, Andy Hope 1930, Ulla von Brandenburg, Veronique Bourgoin, and Christoph Schellberg. Commissioning institutions include the Bonner Kunstverein (Bonn, Germany), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam, the Netherlands), Kai10 (Dusseldorf, Germany), the Dortmunder Kunstverein (Dortmund, Germany), Witte de With (Rotterdam, the Netherlands), The Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (Mexico City, Mexico), Museum of Art and Design (New York, USA), the Zabludowicz Collection (London, UK), Museum Morsbroich (Leverkusen, Germany), Landesmuseum (Linz, Austria).

In his role as a critic, Vermeulen has served on numerous committees and juries for art prizes, most recently Coast Contemporary, the Nam Jun Paik Award and the Bonner Kunstpreis. He also advises and consults on exhibitions and regularly teaches at art academies.