Photo by Anne Pöhlmann, 2015

Photo by Anne Pöhlmann, 2015

Timotheus Vermeulen is a scholar and critic. He is associate professor in Media, Culture and Society at the University of Oslo, Norway and Director of the PhD Programme in Media Studies. His research interests include cultural theory, aesthetics, and close textual analysis of film, television and contemporary art. 

Vermeulen is the author of multiple books and has edited various anthologies and special journal issues. He publishes in academic and popular contexts alike, writing for amongst others The Journal of Aesthetics and CultureScreenMonuThe American Book ReviewE-FluxTexte Zur Kunst, TankMetropolis M, and De Groene Amsterdammer, as well as various reference works, collections and catalogues. He is a regular contributor to Frieze.

Vermeulen has served on numerous committees and juries for art prizes, most recently the Nam Jun Paik Award, the Bonner Kunstpreis and Coast Contemporary. He also advises and consults on exhibitions.

He is currently preparing a project on fictional strategies for truth-telling. The working title is: “The Second Society”.